Financing Application and Terms


Finance Qualification

We do an easy and affordable finance option to furnish your home.

To find out if you qualify, tap the image below and it will take you to a questionnaire sheet. We will review this and be able to qualify you for a payment plan without a credit check!

Options include up to 4 months but can be catered to your specific needs.

Additionally Griff’s Furniture Emporium accepts all major credit cards.

Finance Application

Once you are approved for financing, you will be notified by myself or one of the store associates. After that please tap the next form for the application form.

The application form requires a lot of the same info from the qualification form, but also outlines the terms of the payment cycle and you now enter payment more information.

Do you deliver?  

Yes absolutely. Delivery is available at low cost with consideration to the distance I will travel from our Jacksonville location.

Will you buy my couch or can we trade?
I am always interested in furniture for sale. Text me a picture of what you are interested in selling or trading and I’d love to make a deal with you.

Have a particular couch you are looking for and don’t see it here?
Just ask & I will do my best to make it available for you soon. I have many resources in the Jacksonville area, and it may be easy to find the couch you are looking for.

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